Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman founded CIVILIANAIRE. After 24 years, the founders and visionaries of Lucky Brand Jeans, Montesano and Perlman, have returned to their roots and are manufacturing domestically in Vernon, California.
They enjoy the satisfaction of the high quality they achieve and control by doing smaller, specialized, local clothing production for men and women.

The owners of CIVILIANAIRE Clothing believe you should BUY LESS and CHOOSE WELL.
Because owning a superior quality clothing product will always be a consumer's wisest choice.

Gene and Barry have spent all of their adult lives making denim and high-quality clothing together; there are very few craftsmen in the denim community with as many years of experience as Montesano and Perlman.
At the heart of everything, Civilianaire Clothing is ultimately a labor of love. Montesano and Perlman work every single day to produce the highest quality, timeless, classic clothing products that are as close to perfection as they can be.
All clothing by Civilianaire is sewn with All-American craftsmanship for the rest of us to ENJOY and wear.